Earn a Passive Income by Investing in Dairy Cattle

There are few professional business people who are aware of the benefits of investing in dairy cattle as an opportunity to earn a significant passive income. This type of investment has been around for over 20 years in the dairy farming community and is becoming increasingly attractive to both dairy farmers and other investors, including city-based business people.

Historically, the leasing of animals took place amongst dairymen themselves, and to a lesser extent, others involved in the industry (such as consultants, semen agents, etc.) More recently however, it has become apparent to non-agricultural business people that the purchase of dairy animals is a convenient, tax efficient and lucrative investment which entails no other effort than that of ownership.

The return on investment differs vastly and depends on where the person leasing in the cattle is situated, the size of the farming enterprise, how well established it is, and the reasons for wanting to lease in cows or pregnant heifers.

Download our comprehensive guidelines for investing in dairy cattle, with the following content:


  • How dairy cattle lease contracts work.

  • The principles that apply.

  • The various options available and how best to structure the transaction.

  • What return you can expect on your investment.

  • How and where to find dairy cattle.

  • A sample lease agreement.

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